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    Default Taking NREMT exam for EMT-I

    I am going to test for my EMT-I next month we did'nt get to much into it during medic class anyone have any tips on what to study or what's even on the test?

    Thanks I 'm new to the forum so sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum
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    Do as many practice tests as you can and know the material.

    Pretty much the same advice as any other kind of test. People make National Registry a bigger deal than it really is.
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    Why are you testing for EMT-I if your in Medic school? If you know your stuff the registry is easy. Don't let your nerves get you

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    I-85 or I-99?

    I took the I-85 about 18 months ago, and it was pretty much an EMT-B test, with a few questions about fluids, acid-base balance, and starting IVs. 75-80% of it was basic-level stuff.

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