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    Default Federally Mandated Annual Hazardous Materials Training

    Ok so I was reading the U.S. Fire Administration's book on Retention and Recruitment for Volunteer Services and within the 261 pages it refers to Volunteers having to complete federally mandated Hazardous Materials training every year. Here is the entire Paragraph:

    "Today, most fire departments require volunteers to complete a basic firefighting class of over 100 hours before being able to fight fires (see Table 2). Departments that provide emergency medical care may require members to certify as an emergency medical first responder, which is another 75 to 120 hours of training. Firefighters also must attend federally mandated annual hazardous materials training, which can range from 10 to 25 hours. Although recertification is not as time-demanding as the initial training, it is another demand that volunteers must fit into their busy schedules."

    Does anyone have any Information on what this training has to consist of and how many hours it must be for? A link to a web-site on it would be very helpful. Thanks.

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    Must be to your level of certification.

    For Awareness I beleive it is 4 hours and for Operations it is 6 or 8.

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