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    Default Questions about Transfers out of state and academies

    Hey all
    this is my first thread on the forum and i have some questions....obviously
    I'm working on my Texas State Certification, more specifically on the EMT training part of it, i've already taken my Fire Fighting State Certification Exam and passed with an A.

    My main question is once i get my State Certification locked down with my IFSAC seals, how should i proceed if i couldn't find any jobs in Texas and wanted to transfer out to another State, like say on the East Coast(New Hampshire, Massachussetts, etc). Would i have to go through they're academy as if i've never taken the Certification exams? or would i pay a fee to transfer my certification over.

    I know this is pretty general but any answers anyone has would help me out a great deal. Thanks again!
    -Brian Nixon

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    Transfers will be on a state by state basis.

    They each have their own rules.

    It's a good thing this NFPA-standard based "national certification" idea has worked out so well.

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    I recently transferred from Ohio to Texas with my firefighter certs and it was a breeze, thanks to my IFSAC symbols. Anyways, if you go to the IFSAC website, it will give a list of IFSAC states.

    If the state you're planning on moving to is an IFSAC state, then the actual transfer is as simple as faxing over your symbols, filling out some paperwork, which is usually downloadable from the state's website (and in some cases sending some money) and waiting for your cert for that state.

    If the state you're planning on moving to is NOT an IFSAC state, then you'll have to coordinate with them and find out what they require and how to go about the transfer.

    In my opinion, the IFSAC symbols were the best move towards a nationwide system. I got my certs for both Ohio and Texas thanks to those symbols.


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    As mentioned above, it will depend on the states you are trying to transfer in between. Call the state standards and training offices and see what will transfer and what wont.
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    thanks guys....i'm glad i got all 4 of my IFSAC seals then lol....

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    Default Not Here............

    Maryland Offers a program to look at Fire Training on a Case by Case Basis to see if you meet Maryland's criteria. EMT is a bit Different, but NREMT is good.

    BUT - As far as I know on the East Coast, If you're hired for a Career FF job, you have to go thru that Jurisdiction's Academy.

    Another Difference is that here you MUST be a Member of a Fire Department to be able to take Fire Training Courses. Joe Citizen cannot walk into a College and sign up for a Firefighting Class WITHOUT FIRST BEING ACCEPTED AS A MEMBER OF A FD/VFD. Second is that the State Fire Training Program is operated by the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, and no other colleges are allowed to be involved in Fire Training. Third, By State Mandate, ALL TRAINING IS FREE.
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