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    Default Question About Being a FireFighter

    im Currently in College taking fire science classes to get a degree and presue my carreer being a fire fighter. and i have a question which has stoped my in many of my selections of a job.

    im Completely deaf in my left ear, nerve damage when i was born. and was wondering if this would effect my chances in becoming a firefighter, i have above average hearing in my right ear. just cant hear in left ear

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    Unfortunately I believe this would disqualify you per NFPA regulations, sorry.

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    As I understand the testing, NPFA does require a minimum hearing standard for both ears.

    That being said, not all career departments may utilize the NFPA standard.

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    Not all departments go by that standard on hearing as mentioned before. Me and my cousin are both fulltime firefighters in 2 seperate departments in East TN. Both departments follow NFPA almost down to the letter. But, we both was able to get hired because they did not follow the hearing portion of the rule. We are both completly deaf in opposite ears.

    Good luck on your career and just remember to ask. You never know what they will say.

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    you have to find out per the department that you are testing for, start looking around.

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    There will be plenty of opportunities out there. Seems like you are going about it the right way, in getting your degree. It may take some research on your part, but certainly there are departments that would love to have you. Don't give up.
    Glenn Rainey
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