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    Hey guys! I'm new here.. Just seeking a little guidance. I've decided to bite the bullet, and follow my life long dream to become a fire fighter. I'm 21 years old, and currently live in Tallahassee, but I'm from St. Pete. I know there's a fire academy up here, but I'm thinking of moving back home to the bay area to save up some cash, while in the academy. Are the requirements tough? I've done a little research and seen that Tampa's fire school is well respected.. Is this true? Also, as we all know, money is tight, so are there any types of financial assistance/ loans offered? How long is school/ when is it offered? Just seeking a little guidance.. Thanks guys!!

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    I've never heard of anyone caring what school you went to or what your score was on the state test. st pete college and hcc both have academies. you should contact the schools directly for info on financial aid. you probably have them already but their links are www.spjc.edu and www.hccfl.edu
    you should also look at their sites or call them to find out what the class schedules are. hcc has part time classes that are 6 or 8 months twice a week, and a full time class mon-thurs. I think spc is mon-fri only, but my info is a few years old so it could have changed. all this info should be on the websites.

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    I just finished SPC's fire academy in September and it is available part-time also. I have a friend who did HCC's academy and we compared them. SPC definitely has the better academy, but it's more expensive. If you can get a fire department to donate (lend) you bunker gear then it only costs about $2000-2500 for HCC, where as SPC is $3500 regardless of whether or not you have bunker gear.

    You will also need to get your EMT cert before you can apply. Both SPC and HCC have day and night classes and are almost the exact same cost, so it really depends on where you live/work and where you want to go to school or do your ride-along and clinical hours.

    If you have any questions you can PM me.

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    just some advice for you...with all the schools flooding the market i would recommend doing something that will make you marketable (ie: Paramedic)....you need to stand out from the other 9.5 billion FF/EMTs in this state currently searching for a job....there is a good chance you will find yourself spending the btter part of a year if not ore trying to find a job....i dont say this to discourage you at all....just giving you a heads up......apply everywhere and take the first opportunity that comes along....i live in the tampa area but i cant say much for the schools....i went to SCC in sanford and valencia for EMT both in the orlando area...i also work south of orlando and we do a lot of training at Central Florida Fire Academy.....there is 5 schools listed and that doesn't include the umpteen academies in between and around central florida itself....so you can see what i mean by flooding.....do your best stay positive and train train train

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