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    Default Looking for information on single and tandem axle aerials

    I am doing some research in to the various aspects of a single axle ladder versus a tandem axle. I have searched all of the internet and all of the publications and have the pros and cons for both. I am looking for some more information relating to these two subjects, especially comparing wheel bases and maneuverability. I would also like to know some history on what apparatus out there on single axle chassis relating to maintenance and reliability over the long haul. I have contacted the City of St Louis to find out about the reliability and out of service time for their quints they run with the TQC concept, but have not had any response. Any articles or information you can get me about this subject would be fantastic and I would really appreciate it. I have not had a lot of luck and am really trying to compile somoe good information and need everyone's help. Thanks.

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    See thread in Apparatus Innovations

    Kuh Shise
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    Default single versus tandem

    The are looking at a 75' stick to be a multipurpose vehicle and will be our first out EMS and the busiest truck in our city. My concern is the weight issues of overloading the truck and lack of compartment space with the single axle, less braking, more maintenance over the years with the single axle. I belive if we can get a tandem with a shorter wheel base than your typical tandem aerial, that we will keep our maneuverability and increase braking and ride of the vehicle. Tires will have to be replaced on the rear a little more often, but I believe this will cost less than suspension issues over the life of the truck, and make it safer to operate with a tandem. I am trying to justify the tandem due to the above issues instead of the single, and that is the input I am looking for from others that may operate the single axle apparatus.

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    All our 75's are on a single axle. We have 95's and 114's on double axle.Iwouldnt think that you would get all that much more compartment space on a twin but you definetly would have alot more room to play wi the weight. i know we do cram alot of stuff in those 75's so I guess its a trade off when you look at some of the increased costs like maintenance, tires, fuel for a bigger truck.

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    Default quint concept

    What is the reason your department wants to go with the total quint concept? Is this a manpower issue, budget shortfall? I would be curious what the staffing is for St. Louis or other departments that are using just quints. Do they run with 5 or 6 FF?

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