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    Default Preparing for Seasonal Job Applications

    Hello everyone,

    I am interested in starting off my career in the Fire Service with a hopeful wildland job over Summer 2010, with USFS, BLM, contractors, etc. Right now I'm currently a Clark County Fire Department Explorer, and by the end of the program (hopefully by Summer 2010) I'll have my Red Card, Haz Mat, and FF I through the explorers. I was going to try to get my EMT Basic done, but the spots filled up too fast for me to get a spot in any of the classes (I'm checking everyday). I've done some reading on the website, and it helped, but I still have a couple questions.

    So, my questions are as follows:
    If I don't end up getting my EMT-B, is that as detrimental as it seems to my chances of getting a spot?
    When do the job postings usually become available (I want to get in as early as possible)?
    Do I need the certifications when I apply or by the time the job actually starts?
    When does the job normally start?
    Are certain areas (I would love to score a job up in Denali) harder/easier to get into with the above certifications? Some more aimed for beginning firefighters?
    Is there any insider info, like experiences in the seasonal gig I could have?
    Is there any other advice on taking a seasonal job that I haven't inquired for?

    Thanks so much for any answers/advice, I'm really looking forward to taking my first steps into the Fire Service. I'll post any more questions I come up with.

    Kyle Titus

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    EMT-B is not a requirment to work for the Fed wildland agencies. Being able to fill out a AVUE application and having a HS diploma or GED is. Also make sure you are registered with the selective service. Other than that the basic wildlandfire fighting courses will help you get a job. Plus going to see each person that could possibly be hiring and getting your face out there will help. If you have any more questions I would be glad to help just PM me.
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    If you go to visit anybody at their stations, make sure you bring a pair of running shoes and clothes with you. Some crews might ask you to go on a run with them to see where you stand in your physical fitness. Also check out USAJOBS.Gov.

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