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    Quote Originally Posted by Res343cue View Post
    Hey - I can't advertise on here - neither can you.

    I can't sell my services, and the one post where I referenced offering a bid I got smacked for it. Why should you be able to?

    PS: What's the difference between a wife and an attorney? I get to screw my wife before giving her all my money. Attorneys screw you and take the money anyways.
    Actually, what I've done is offer a bunch of free advice here. Further, I've created a free website with every tidbit of information that we've come across on narrowbanding. www.narrowbandinglaw.com

    Sorry if all of this free information is considered hucksterism. I thought that I was doing the right thing. BTW, I've not asked to be paid for the dozens of APCO and other association meetings where I've done narrowbanding presentations this year and in previous years.

    Alan Tilles

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    Quote Originally Posted by LVFD301 View Post
    Bottom line. Don't trust that first slick salesguy. Get some information. Talk to multiple sales guys. Ask here. (I don't have a dog in the hunt to sell you radios) DON'T trust what you google. The dates and requirements have changed so many times that there is still a LOT of misinformation running around out there. NMFIRE here on the forums is another great source.
    I agree. And if we ever have to go digital it better be VHF and it better be a technology that doesnt eat your battery in a matter of hours. Digital Mobile Radio like Mototrbo definitely seems to be a good idea but unfortunately it is not a standard.

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    I'm a sceptic when anything Motorola appears. But apprently they selling a bunch of Mototrbo in the area to businesses and gov't/state agencies (not public safety).

    What's the scoop on Mototrbo? Some proprietary M system that won't play with anything else. Not public safety appropriate?

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