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    Default moving/dispatching in Texas.....

    Hello. I am a 911 dispatcher/call taker in MS. I dispatch for law enforcement, fire and EMS. I am certified in EMD, EPD and EFD. I am getting married in July 2010 and we have been thinking about moving to Texas. My fiancé has family outside of Houston and they like it there. I did some research and found several agencies near the Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth area that are currently hiring for dispatchers. I just wanted to get some inside info from people who are in Texas. I would like to continue to firefighting as a volunteer but work for a larger city. Eventually I would like to get on a career department as a firefighter, but for now just worry about dispatching. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Still Looking to Texas for Job?


    Are you still looking at Texas for a future location after you get married? I work for Longview F.D and have for the last 20 years. Our dispatch center is almost always short and hiring dispatchers. I think the biggest reason for the large turnover rate is people get into 911 dispatching without knowing what it really involves and how stressfull it can be. Our dispatchers are over PD and Fire/EMS. Longview Fire runs the 911 EMS for the city. If you are interested in a smaller yet still busy department you may want to look into Longview. We are a city of around 80,000 located in East Texas. We are not a Houston or Dallas but the area has lots to offer. And if you want to stay with a Volunteer department most all of the smaller towns around Longview have volunteer departments and would welcome any new members with past experience. If you would like more information please drop me a PM or email. Take care and Be Safe.
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    Johnson County, just south of Ft. Worth, is starting a new FD dispatch center.

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    The City of Georgetown hires dispatchers from time to time. Heck out there HR site at www.Georgetown.org

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