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    Default VHF P-25 repeaters

    We are looking at adding an additional repeater or two to our response area to provide better coverage. We currently use Ma/Com (GE) Master III repeaters but the company that sold and serviced them is no longer around. Current options are Motorola Quantar, Kenwood and Daniels. Several Motorolas around and users are for the most part happy with them but we have never been big "bat wing" fans. Anybody have experence with Kenwood or Daniels high power VHF repeaters?

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    We have a number of Icom and Tait P25 100 watt VHF repeaters out there. I love them. The Taits can have a network run to them for VoIP, alarm monitoring, adjustments, etc.

    Icom will have that soon.

    Daniels makes a damn good product also. Icom is actually selling the Daniels product when network capability is needed.

    Under 20K each. I think most are under 15k without networking.

    Dual mode, you can set them up and they will do P25 OR analog, depending on the recieved signal.

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    We are using TAIT repeaters in our new voted system and have had them in service for about 6 years without any problems or issues. Previously used GE master which were reliable but needed a regular tweak to keep them on freq.
    As LVFD said the Tait can be set up with network for remote control and monitoring, this feature allows our radio tech's to log in and check the system out and make adjustments from a remote site without having to make the drive out to physically check the equipment.

    Disclaimer: I have no financial connection to Tait. Just a very satisfied customer!

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    Don't waste your money on a Quantar. Totally not worth it.
    Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.

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