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the way i look at it is that your now driving a vehicle 15MPH slower that everything else on the road, thats if people drove at 75MPH which as we all know isnt going to happen its more like the recommended minimum these days. so you possible looking at going 20 to 25 MPH slower that the traffic around you. so just how safe are you with these new "guidelines", and I use that term loosely because even though they arnt laws try to find someone that will build a truck that isn't NFPA
Yeah, how foolish of us, we should speed up to save lives.I cannot beleive the amount of whackers that can't give up the driving lights and sirens real fast as part of this job. Face it, if you're arguing to drive faster, in all likliehood you shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel, and I highly doubt you have any time in a supervisory or command position.

At some point the public needs to realize that they chose to live that far from emergency services. Don't stick a mobile home 20 miles from town and expect any of your possessions to be savable. Similarly if you have a heart condition and choose to live 20 miles from an ambulance service you'd better stock up on Nitro, aspirin, oxygen and teach your kids CPR. I think most of the public does understand they make these choices, yet some firefighters cannot live with the fact that the public does understand, they'd rather speed over country roads with overweight tankers thinking they're making a difference, when in fact they're likely part of the problem.