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    What qualifications do you implement for personnel to ride the wagon/engine?

    SCBA qualified, engine company ops??

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    Volunteer department if that makes a difference. We require CPR, blood borne pathogens, and knowing where everything is on the apparatus, and being able to throw ladders and lay out in order to "ride". In order to do any interior firefighting you have to know the above as well as pass FF1 and satisfy the officers that you can perform the basic tasks that were supposed to be learned in FF1.

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    Volunteer Department-we will take what we can get so there really is not any set qualifications. More experienced guys go first but if there's an empty seat then anyone goes reardless of experience. The best training is first hand experience in the field anyway. Even the most inexperienced guy can help hit a hydrant or hump hose.

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    VFD- We ask that anyone riding to be smart enough to know what to watch for and what the driver needs help with, like identifying hazards, spotting when backing, chocking the apparatus, etc. They should be able to use good radio terminology. Additionally they should be able to retrieve anything off the truck at any time and be familiar with all SOP's regarding which particular incident responding to. Sometimes it doesnt work like it should but when an unqualified member gets on before a more seasoned member, they are simply told to get off and they do.

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