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    Default KME Awarded Contract for 23 Pumpers by City of Los Angeles

    KME Awarded Contract for 23 Pumpers by City of Los Angeles


    KME Fire Apparatus has recently received an award for 23 pumpers by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department. This is in addition to two (2) water tenders currently in production for the LAFD.

    The apparatus will be built on the KME Predator Severe Service chassis, recognized as the best overall cab for high volume use and severe conditions. The chassis include a 450 hp engine, cab fire curtain enclosures, customized gear storage compartments and LED lighting package. Pumper features include a 1750 gpm pump, Class A foam system, 500 gal water/30 gal foam tank. The pump panel is designed specifically for the LAFD to keep a common design that they’ve used on apparatus for multiple generations. The aluminum body is equipped with customized tool boxes, SCBA storage, and wildland gear storage. The LAFD has a specific design featuring a short wheelbase and high angle of approach/departure that has been successful for their department for a number of years.

    “We are pleased to be able to provide apparatus to the City of Los Angeles. The City joins fleets from coast to coast in the selection of the KME Predator Severe Service pumper as the best overall value,” said John J. Kovatch III, CEO of KME Fire Apparatus.

    The units were sold through KME’s Factory Sales and Service Center located in Ontario, California offering a full range of sales and support including parts, training, testing, maintenance, and repair services. Deliveries will begin to take place in mid-2010.

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    "Recognized as the best overall cab...."

    Recognized by whom?

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    Here we go again....

    Pass the chips and dip.
    I'm the one Fire and Rescue calls, when they need to be Rescued.

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    "Recognized as the best overall cab...."

    "Recognized by whom?"

    by kme's marketing folks.

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    Or maybe the best option KME offers.

    Jeez people, stop reading so far into things.
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    It was a rhetorical question. Of course KME thinks they are the best; every manufacturer should.

    Sounds like LA City has a neat design that has served them well.

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    Did FFA Bid? Did Seagrave Bid?
    (Sorry thought this was another FDNY rant thread)

    Good luck to LAFD with thier purchase.

    Sean Desjardins, Captain
    Westampton Township Emergency Services

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