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    Looking for some case law or current ways FD's view NFPA 1403. Looking over the 1403 document to me it shows where 1403 does not apply to just burning a building down without any interior or exterior evolutions. Is the purpose of 1403 for having a live fire with evolutions only or is it all inclusive anytime a building is being burned wether there is any training on that building or not.

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    The NFPA standard applies to structures used for training firefighters. Here's a "cut and paste" from NFPA 1403's "SCOPE" section:
    1.1* Scope. 1.1.1 This standard shall contain the minimum requirements for training all fire suppression personnel engaged in firefighting operations under live fire conditions.

    If you need information regarding what actions/preventions may be needed to burn a structure NOT used for training, you may want to consult your state's environmental protection department. Most states have laws concerning asbestos abatement, tar shingle removal, etc.; also, the state may need to inspect and "certify" your structure as "approved to burn".

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