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    Default Foam System-Lesson Learned

    We got a Hale Foamlogix system on our 2007 engine. Shortly after it was delivered, I was reading the manual and found the section that describes how to calibrate the foam system to work with your specific foam concentrate. I'd never even thought of having to do this until I read about it.

    It made me wonder how many systems are out there that havent been initialized by the end user, because the mfr. didnt specifically tell them it was important. When I did the calibration sequence, which wasnt terribly complicated, our system thought it had pumped 2 gallons and change of foam and it had only pumped 1 3/4 gallons. I followed the instructions and made the adjustment.

    I thought it might be helpful to pass this along to anyone using foam injection systems (specifically Hale). Read the user manual and see the secton on end user setup and read about "foam pump feedback calibration".


    I posted this today because after a repair of the system, we discovered it was back at factory default values and we had to run the program sequence again.

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    Good topic. Pretty much every different brand of foam proportioner out there has a different set of things that are supposed to be calibrated on it when the unit is installed and after it is serviced. Make sure you always read your owners manual and find out what's supposed to be done. Checking flowmeter calibrations is an easy thing to do. Never assume that it's been done by someone else.

    After all, we all know what happens when you assume...
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