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Thread: Starting Pay???

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    Question Starting Pay???

    What is the average starting pay for departments around SouthEast TN. How does the starting pay rank with the cost of living? Looking into moving my family there sometime after 2012. What are some departments to look at?


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    Depends on the city, pretty much. Like just about everywhere else, most guys I know work second jobs to have a better life. Sevierville is growing...they are supposed to be hiring in spring. I could dig up some more specific info if you like.

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    I definitely understand the second job route, I am working three jobs at this time. I would appreciate any info you could get. I tried looking into some departments up there but the websites keep saying unfounded. I wish I could move up there by spring. I need to wait until 2012, because I will have 10years and be vested with my current department. I figured it would be a good move to get some type of pension before leaving.

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