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    Im 17 and a junior in high school. I want to pursue a career in law enforcement but that comes later after college. I heard from a local Volunteer FF that he has a son who is a "junior firefighter" about my age and has been doing it for a while now. He encouraged me to look into joining which im doing because volunteering will be good for getting into college and the experience will teach me a lot about being in the first responder field that i will use later on as a police officer.

    So... that brings me to my real question, do you guys have any junior firefighters at your dept? and what kind of training is done when you join?

    Dont tell me look into explorers because im doing that for law enforcement already and know there are no fire depts around that have them. I just want to know your thoughts on what junior volunteer firefighters and also just being a Volunteer FF in generally, im almost 18 so i wont be "junior" for much longer.

    Thank You.

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    Well I have at present, four Jr. FF's. All Juniors over 17 but joined at 3months before their 16th birthday.

    Our Juniors are very active in almost every aspect except interior attacks. Drive our trucks to get refueled and keep filled with water, oil, all.

    They are even allowed to respond to fires as long as their is an adult member with them.

    You will find many departments are different in how they operate their Jr. program.

    Ours has been a big success and our insurance was very cooperative. Our current Chief and Asst. Chief are both former Junior FF's.

    Full voting rights and frankly we depend on them for so much. They and the town know it too. These young men have taken the responsibility of our towns safety upon themselves, and they protect it dearly.

    So, What do you think?

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    I was a junior for about 6 months and ended my junior stint in April. As far as juniors responsibilities and jobs around the firehouse they have many. They do everything that the firefighters do as far as cleaning and up keep. On scene it is up to the Officer in Charge (OIC). On a fire scene they hook up to the hydrant, which is a very important job. They will mostly act like a gopher and get tools, move hose around, do whatever they are asked. They have voting rights and can also voice their opinion about issues. If you are truly there to help people and not for the glamor you will have a great time and experience a family like none other. Biggest thing as a junior, ask as many good, intelligent questions as possible and try and learn as much as possible. You will know right away if it will be something you enjoy. If you really do enjoy it, it will be something that will be a part of your life forever. Good luck and keep us updated on what you've decided and what's going on.
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