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    Default Job opening in Illinois

    Since i'm moving on to a Dept. at the end of the month I would like to have a replacement for my position since I know my boss will be stressed due to me leaving. The job is in Northbrook working for Underwriters Laboratories. It's a lax attitude at work but you need to be able to be mature and deal with state fire marshals, NFPA, and the CFD is constantly here... You will be working in a full face respirator in dusty, dirty, toxic conditions mostly using a Steiner Tunnel. (http://www.fpemag.com/archives/artic...sue_id=19&i=78)

    Perks are meeting important people, possibly being on Tv, and plenty of Overtime pay. I was on CNN for a clip for smoke detectors about two years ago. Downside is you need to be able to work flexible shifts... Probably split days and nights every other day, and there have been plenty of days i've worked 12-16 hour days and come back to work 5 hours later. starting pay is approx. $28k and if they approve hiring someone new my boss is looking for a recommendation from me for a replacement. Fire Science degree is a plus!
    UL Fire Protection Division
    Laboratory Technician
    Northbrook, Ill

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    I'd definitely be interested. If you could send me a Private Message on here with some more specifics about the job, it would be greatly appreciated. You could also just email me at ksbaum1173@yahoo.com if you'd like. I'll be sure to get you a resume then.


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    Just curious, where did you get hired?

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    I am also very interested. Sounds like a very fun job. Could you send more info to ffpmflorek@gmail.com? I have a bachelors degree in fire service management. Thanks!

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