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    Red face But What If The Cabbie Is Drunk?

    Don't drink and drive, but what if the cabbie is drunk?

    By Dan MacLennan, Canwest News Service December 9, 2009 9:03 AM

    CAMPBELL RIVER You're advised to take a taxi home to avoid drinking and driving, but what if the cabbie's drunk?

    That may have been the case in Campbell River on Sunday night, say RCMP.

    According to RCMP Cpl. Brian Brown, police were on patrol around Evergreen Road and Dogwood Street just before 7:30 p.m. when they saw a white 1988 Oldsmobile taxi heading in the other direction.

    They caught up with the cab and stopped it about nine minutes later at Dogwood and 2nd Ave. Police say the driver, a 58-year-old Campbell River man, was taken into custody and brought to the Campbell River RCMP detachment where he reportedly blew blood/alcohol readings of .120 and .110. Police say the man faces charges of impaired driving and driving with a blood/alcohol level over .08.

    "It is a grave concern," Brown said of the incident. "The odds of getting in cab after a few drinks and being able to detect that the cabbie is drunk are pretty high, because it impairs your ability to smell. You just don't smell the liquor the way that you do if you're not drinking. The ability to detect that the cabbie had been drinking would be very limited."

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    At Paducah Ky's Security Taxi,that happened once.I was on call for the wheelchair bus service that week and instead of paging me,the dispatcher sent a driver to beat on my door(and almost got shot at for his trouble the way he went about it)to take me to go get the cab and bring it in.
    Cabbies were coming up on the radio calling dispatch about that "salaried wheelchair bus driving scab" out on the street prompting a general broadcast since we still had the old one way radios(only the driver and dispatcher hears both ends) that "99 cabs,99 cabs,YES I know that 1729(my taxi license number) is in a cab tonight.He is picking up an out of service cab and returning it to the stand.Now,unless some of y'all pick up their feet,I WILL be assigning him to work tonight to help out..." to which I had to reply "No,I won't".
    Another night,I was on call(see the pattern?) and had just gone home at 0030 after driving a regular passenger out on the town when I got called in to take a drunk wheelchair person to jail for the PD.
    Thinking that I'd be dealing with a guy who had a huge powerchair and was always in trouble with the law,I took a bus and not one of the custom vans.
    I arrive to learn that the guy had a lightweight chair and load him up after making sure that none of the spare tie downs or manual pump handle was in reach of him before heading to the local jail.
    We get to the sally port and the officer tells me "Use my number and they'll let you in."
    No dice.
    He comes to the window and repeats what I'd told them andfrom the intercom speaker we got a reply"All I see is a white truck roof and I am NOT opening the door."
    We had to call his sergeant and have him come to the jail to vouch for us and then back the bus up so they could see what the deal was before they'd let me drive into my second jailhouse sallyport.At least,this time I wasn't staying the night.
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