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    Default fire academy help

    Hi guys I was just accepted into the state fire academy in utah, pretty excited. I have to supply my own boot both rubber fire boots for drills and black steel toe boots that can be polished for class time uniform. Anyone have any suggestion on which brands to look at or where to buy boots any help would be great thanks. If you could email me at bwhntr13@hotmail.com that would be great

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    I really don't have an opinion as far as firefighting boots go. The ones I wear are pretty comfortable, but I couldn't tell you the brand because I don't recall.

    However, as far as class boots go, I would HIGHLY recommend the Tactical 5.11's. They are the most comfortable boot I've ever worn. The city provided them, so I don't know what they cost, but if you have the money, I would go with them with NO hesitation.

    I wish you the best in your academy. I'm sure you'll do great!! If you have any other question or need anything else, don't hesitate to post. There's alot of good guys on here that are willing to help out.

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    bwhntr13- I will be back in a little bit with some goodies for you.

    Just a few thoughts- I would buy whats the local standard in the state so when you get a job, maybe its what the local department is using?

    Also- Contact member UTFFEMT here, he is a good guy, my bestest buddy and should be able to help you with boots or anything else. He works for Orems Fire.

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    Thanks for the help guys I will keep this forum in mind if I need any help there is lots of great info on this forum thanks again

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