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    Question Telestaff for callback

    I have two questions I’m hoping forum members might be able to help with:
    1. If you’re using Telestaff for “emergency” callback coverage, how reliable has it been and where have the problems occurred?
    2. Does the general idea of using a web based service for “emergency” callback and backfilling stations, with its inherent complexity and many points of failure, seem like a bad idea on principal?

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    We do not use TeleStaff for "emergency" callback where it is necessary to call numerous employees as quickly as possible to fill a vacancy. We have one dialogic card with 4 lines. Our experience has been that TeleStaff can not make outgoing calls quick enough to make this method efficient. Therefore, we call the employees that have signed up to work directly and /or then will page employees as a group to notify them of the vacancy.

    For normal hiring, TeleStaff is fine. We are also looking at purchasing software from www.codemessaging.net to send out CAD and group messaging to our personnel that allows personnel to get these message on any SMS/MMS device.
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    My Dept uses Tele-staff for all our staffing (including civilian and admin), even payroll.

    The Emergency Hireback feature isn't perfect, but it's faster than any person is with a notebook and telephone. Ours has 4 separate phone lines. We have 23 Stations and about 500 personnel.

    It also follows a few logical parameters. Like when calling to make an emergency fill-in, it calls the people assigned to that station first, because that's where their gear is anyway.
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