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    Default FM Global question

    is the following too much? Should i just stick to a single rugged laptop and mount?

    We are requesting funding assistance with equipment for preparing pre-plans in the field and for the accessing of pre-plans in our first due fire engine.

    (1) General Dynamics GD6000 Rugged Laptop $4357 (Group Mobile)
    (1) Vehicle mount and laptop dock $750 (Gamber-Johnson)
    (1) Toshiba Satellite U500 with fingerprint security Laptop $819.40 (Toshiba Direct)
    (1) Optoma TX612 Portable Projector $889.99 (Wal-mart)

    We are requesting financial assistance with purchasing the laptop and mount because we currently do not have an efficient method to collect, store, and retrieve pre-plans. Since we are a volunteer fire district with no paid staff, we have not had the ability to be fully prepared by having organized pre-plans. We have made attempts at pre-planning in the past, but this consisted of divvying out tasks and sending out volunteers to knock on doors and make basic drawings and notes about homes. Since these attempts were carried out by various volunteers with different methods, our results were inconsistent at best.

    We are currently exploring consolidating positions with monthly stipends into one part-time position. This position would be contracted with our larger neighboring fire district for administrative duties. Part of this job would include pre-planning activities. By having a single person gathering and making all of the pre-plans, we would eliminate the inconstant pre-plans we currently have. The conventional laptop would be used for the collection and input of the pre-planning information for the administrator. This laptop would also double as a laptop for public education and fire prevention presentations within our community. The projector would be utilized for these presentations and for weekly training of our firefighters.

    We have not requested pre-planning software because the agency we would potentially be contracting administrative duties from had pre-planning software that we could use.

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    If you're asking about price of the "rugged" unit. I'd start by looking a Panasonic Toughbooks. Have been a standard with US Army for years with good results. Still expensive compared to a "civilian" laptop but available at a much more economical price that the GD unit you listed.

    I have not had much positive experience with Toshiba and a would certainly get at least a 15" screen.

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    In reading through you proposal : it seems that you are trying to solve several different deficiencies with one application.
    #1 is that you need proper preplan information and don't have the manpower to complete the task but are trying to come up with a plan to resolve it.

    #2 is you need a laptop to do these pre-plans.

    #3 is you need a rugged laptop to mount in your engine to make use of these future pre-plans

    #4 is you want a projector to do public fire prevention demonstrations and also use for FF training.

    I would look at this in several areas. Do you need two computers or would one allow you to get the job done? Is the call volume sufficient to not be able to take the rugged from the engine to do pre-plans & training?

    Not knocking your app just looking at it from an outside view.
    Personally , I would ask for the rugged and mount along with the projector for the public education and training.

    You can buy a suitable laptop to take on the road to do pre-plans for under 400.00 looking at the current flyers from the big box stores.

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    Thanks for your thoughts. I have actually found the GD to be almost $1000 less than a comparable ToughBook. Base price is the same, but toughbooks reuire a almost $900 upgrade to touch screen, and the GD comes with a faster processor.

    I originally wrote this as just the rugged book and mount, then i thought that we could be eligible in more areas of the grant if we added the projector (you cannot see very much with ours w/o turning off all of the lights in the training room). The second laptop was proposed by one of my overseers. This way we would have a laptop dedicated to training and public education/preplanning.

    I am thinking we should do one of the three following ideas:

    1) rugged laptop & mount for only preplanning
    2) rugged laptop, mount, projector to cover preplanning and public ed/training
    3) do 2 separate applications with the district covering the rugged laptop & mount, and the ff association requesting the normal laptop & projector.

    only problem with #3 is will they throw out our applications because the two entities serve the same population and purposes, but they are separate organizations.

    More or less i am looking to compare to what others have requested, not a critique on the line item values. I am looking at the overall picture.
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    We were fortunate enough to get one of these grants a few years back for (3) laptops in our apparatus for preplanning. Just my .02 cents, but I believe that I would work a couple of seperate applications, instead of trying to linking multiple projects into one app. But heck what do I know...

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    Earthwalk makes another very sturdy "semi rugged" notebook. We purchased one for $1,500 a year ago with some pre plan software for $500 on a FM Global grant.


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