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    Default Help in career advancement

    I am a firefighter now and will eventually move up to captain through the years. I have a BS in Business management and marketing. I am wanting to go get my masters but am having trouble in what to get it in. I am not sure what careers are out their when I retire from the fire service so I want to obtain a masters that I can use when I retire from the fire service. Any comments would be appreciated. Also if you know of any schools to obtain that MS would help also. I live in KY

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    Default Which degree?

    If you want to be a "boss" in emergency services, it doesn't matter very much. MPA. MBA. MS in Management. All pretty much the same. Take courses that will help you compete for the job - budgeting, project management, statistics, finance. Get experience in presentations and public speaking.

    If you're really focused on post-retirement, figure out what you want to do and get a degee in that. Many allied health professions have entry-level master's requirements (PT, OT, PA, etc.). Teaching (like public school) requires a degree that includes an education certificate. College teaching requires at least a master's (technical subjects) or a doctorate.

    There are tons of quality, legitimate MS programs that you can attend on-line. Look at UMBC (EMS), GWU (emergency management), Golden State, U of Phoenix, Walden U, etc.

    Isn't it nice to be still worrying about what to be when you grow up?

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    I am working on my Masters degree in Public Administration at California State University Long Beach. I believe this dgree is very recognized by City Managers. It's the same degree that they have.

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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