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    Question Email From DHS/FEMA

    I logged into the grant site last night and the first thing to pop up was a screen with a message in the middle of it that said to "Please contact FEMA/DHS by phone, or email.
    It gave a phone # and Email.
    Has anyone else got this message. What does it mean??

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    I think it means they want you to contact them!! LOL. No way to know until you get hold of them, probably on Monday--but if you send an e-mail you may get a reply as early as tomorrow (12-26), that's a pretty dedicated staff out there.

    If i recall correctly, you just had some movement on your 1199a--could be you're one of the first with 10 question type action. Good luck!!


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    More likely that they have some minor point they need to clarify in the application or 1199a.That has happened to a few clients of mine already.
    Kurt Bradley
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    i would say it could mean good news for you. if you haven't talked to them within the last few days that is. If so, they sometimes want an email from you confirming your conversation with them.

    When you get a message like that to call them, be sure and ask them when the computer generated 1199's will begin and also round 1 of the awards.

    (hey, quit giving me funny looks!)

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