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    Default Forcible Entry: VPS,EBS..etc

    Looking for any kind of information on how to force entry on VPS(vacant property security) and EBS(empty building security). And if there are any other companies other tan VPS & EBS.. If you have downloadable info that would be great...... I have the one that Baltimore FD did on VPS but I could not find anything else.


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    thought i had something for you. stupid copyright issues


    It was a very good video though. very detailed on how to force and remove windows doors etc.

    FDNY put it together. good luck in the search for it. ask one of the fdny guys on here. they might have a copy

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    Not sure, but I think Fire Engineering did one in their Training Minutes videos.

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    VPS is very secretive about how their system works. They threatened legal action against vententersearch.com when Jimm had the video posted. After talking to the owner of VPS in Chicago he made some valid points. His basic answer was that if a VPS office comes into your area, they will notify the FD and offer free training to the FD on how to defeat the system. He was very nice about it and wants us all to be safe in doing our jobs, but also does not want videos showing some proprietary stuff. If you have any questions contact them directly and they will put you in contact with the local office.

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    My advice would be to contact the manufacturer of the specific system you are seeing in your response area and have them provide you with information regarding the system.

    You can also contact the agency responsible for closing up vacant structures in your area (housing, HUD, building dept.) as they may in fact be the ones that are actually installing them, although some manufacturers dont allow anyone but their own people do this.

    These systems are being marketed by the manufacturers to both municipal and city agencies to be used to seal up vacant structures as well as to individual homeowners as theft deterents for their "summer homes" or any propertythat will be unuccupied for an extended period of time.

    These systems can be quite dangerous as they are extremely heavy and difficult to both cut through and remove especially from a portable ladder.

    But the real danger comes from the fact that many of these systems are essentially "spring loaded" into the window under a great deal of tension. An arbitrary cut can send the entire covering into motion under tension and seriosuly injure anyone near it.

    This link should help you out :


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    http://www.firetrainingresources.net...=17&PageNum=74 there is a Chicago VPS Quick Drill link at the bottom of the resources section.

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