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    Default Getting Fitted for your Turnout Gear

    Im curious how your departments fit their Firefighters for their gear?...I work for a bigger city, However when our firefighters are issued gear at the begining of the acadamy they go to a central city warehouse where the gear is basically just passed out by the warehouse staff who know nothing about properly fitting gear, they just pass out what looks like will fit. My problem with this is guys/girls who get issued this gear that have no previous experiance with the fire service have no idea how their gear is suppose to fit them and I have seen more and more being fitted and using the wrong size gear. With coats being way to short or pants being 2 or 3 sizes to big and long...So does your department:

    1. Have a proffessional custom fit individuals.
    2. Have the Manufactuer fit individuals.
    3. Leave it up to the individual Firefighters.
    4. Just pass out whatever sizes they have on hand.

    Also, for the bigger city departments(20 or more firehouses) How many sets of turnouts are issued at a time or issed out of the Acadamy?

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    When we order new gear, the Manufacture fits individuals. When someone joins in between periods of ordering new gear, we hand out what is on hand. If we do not have any used gear that fits, we will order new gear for the guy. As it stands now, every FF has two complete sets of gear.
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    As part of the hiring process, you go to our safety office and get fitted. (Safety office is a chief and maybe 3 lts., not sure exactly what qualifications, i.e., trained by mfg. or just experience, but they do a good job anyway.) They'll ask what size you think you are/what size suit you wear, etc. and have you try on that, then adjust as needed. We have several generic sets in almost any size you could need, so they can immediately have us try on the next size.

    For the academy, we wear these generics until our real gear is issued. We go through EMT training as our first part of academy, so IIRC the new gear is pretty much ready by the time we do fire training. If not, we don't do live fires until a couple weeks in, worst case scenario you use that generic set that the safety office deems good for burn training.

    Issued two sets of gear (coat/pant/gloves/hood), one set boots, one helmet.
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