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    Default Titanium halligan bars

    I need some feedback on the titanium halligans on the market. We have been field testing one. Its SUPER expensive but rediculously lightweight. I think what we are finding is it is too light- doesnt have any "balls" for lack of better terms. Anyone out there using them? What are your Pros and Cons?

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    I do not use a Titanium Halligan but i have used a Titanium crowbar and what you are saying about the weight i find to be true as well. Lightweight is a great thing from a carrying standpoint. But when it's in use, the heavier the better. You are not always going to have somebody standing next to you with a sledge or axe. Many situations will end up with a FF with a Halligan only. And when it's just you and a Halligan, lightweight is a BAD idea.

    When it comes to driving the claw into a door jamb or other tight space, that weight of the bar is critical. The same goes for breaching a wall. Imagine trying to break through a cinder block wall with a super lightweight Halligan? The heavier the better. That weight will do much of the work for you through inertia. Imagine a full size axe that weighed 2 pounds?. You would be exhausted from having to swing it twice as hard. Sure, it would be a pleasure to carry around, right up untill you go to use it. Then the lightweight would be a huge drawback.

    While a Halligan's primary use is not as tool that is swung or used as a ram, it still will find itself in that roll at times. Especially when it's used without a sledge or axe. With that in mind, i would NOT want a lightweight version. Maybe having one for special circumstances might be a plus, but not for everyday use. Give me a heavy steel Halligan any day.

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    Like WD said. You want the tool to do the work, not you.
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