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    Default Looking For 1950 Seagrave Parts & Accessories

    We are refurbishing a 1950 Bickle Seagrave Enclosed Crew Cab Pumper and a Open Cab Bickle Seagrave 85 ft. Mid Mount Aerial Ladder for a FD's Retiree's Society and wondering where we could source/find parts/accessories if required.

    The Pumper has an enclosed canopy cab that's accessed through the rear hosebed pathway and I believe it was called a "Detroit" model design and yes the Bickle Seagrave was the Canadian version located in Woodstock Ontario but I'm sure that the majority of parts etc. were sourced from Clintonville WI.


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    If you are not already a member, I strongly encourage you to join SPAAMFAA, as well as any local SPAAMFAA chapters that may be in your area. Word-of-mouth is an excellent source of parts, and these are two sources for people to advise you. I also suggest joining ATCA (Antique Truck Club of America) and ATHS (American Trucking Historical Society) which again, are both excellent resources for people-advice. Both of their monthly publications have many ads for parts and services.

    Do you have any or all of the factory information on your units? I don't know about King Seagrave or Bickle, but any and all Seagrave apparatus information is archived at Clintonville. There is a contact person there, she is a pain in the *** to get a hold of, but you need to find out if/what they might have on your trucks.

    What kind of stuff are you looking for, or is this a "we need everything" kind of request?
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    Default Bickle Seagrave Parts

    Thanks FWD and for the most part they are Seagrave Clintonville WI components IE: Cab, Chassis etc. and I think they were assembled or at least finished in Woodstock Ontario. I'm getting the FD to provide me with any photos of them in their original condition and or any manuals etc.

    I just wanted to ask in advance of the refurb and for the most part we are looking at some warning lights, mirrors etc.

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    The link for "Archived" info at Seagrave.


    The contact is Molly Fisher

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