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    Default The Academy on Fox reality


    Anyone see this show? comments? how did this compare to your academy?

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    I watched only the first 2 episodes on Hulu and I thought it was kind of boring. On Hulu they also have a season of The Academy where they follow an academy class for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. I have watched about 8 episodes of that and I find it interesting. I’m thinking about watching some more episodes with the fire department and see if it gets better.

    Of course that’s just my opinion.

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    This should make what, thread number 4 or 5 on this show?

    I watched it. Not a bad way to pass the time on a slow shift. Some thing I liked, some things I didnt. Overall a decent show though.
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    My brother who is a police lieutenant watched it and thought it looked easy and he should of been a firefighter He's never been in good enough shape to chase a bagel rolling down the street.

    I watched two episodes and lost interest. Maybe the shows I watched were early on and classroom only but they weren't showing any of the p.t. or training that were the difficult (and interesting) parts. The academy chief seemed like he was trying too hard to be a hard***, rather than just BEING a hard***.

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    That academy attempted to have a tough academy without the tough drills. That academy was paramilitary and did have discipline yet did not have tough fire manipulative drills to go along with it.

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