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    Default Masters in PA?

    Quote Originally Posted by donedeal View Post
    If you have your prereqs (may be different than nursing prereqs) and you have your BS, then why not spend the 2 years to get your masters in PA studies? You'll make way more money and could even land a gig as the assistant medical director to the fire department.
    PA? Public Administration?

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    Itís not a bad idea to get a degree in nursing if youíre considering it as an alternative career or something you can do while you wait for a call from the Forest Department.

    Maybe because of a shortfall in trained nurses or because of an increase in demand due to the aging population of the country, nursing currently offers excellent employment opportunities. But be prepared to work shifts and weekends as it is a 24/7 job. If you think you have what it takes to be a nurse, take a look at the accredited nursing programs offered at Stevens-Henager College. The degree is offered at both Associateís and Bachelorís level at SHC

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    Physicians assistant. Mini doctor

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    A friend of mine who just graduated with an RN started at $65,000/year.

    Therefore get your RN, work full time and do the per diem thing if you get called for an academy.

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