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    I am looking for a few things, Iv searched throughout the internet, But I have failed to find what I need.

    1. Updated BSA(TN) ByLaws For Junior/Cadet Program
    2. Volunteer Fire Department Insurance Plans (W/ Good benefits) (TN)
    3. Explorer/Junior Training Videos
    (ex. Basic Fire Course, Leadership, MVA's, How an Explorer Can Help on scene, etc etc.)
    4. I don't know if they even have this, But Maybe Some Junior/Cadet Program Grants/Donations to Help out?

    And That is about it.
    Just trying to keep updated and try to better us as a Fire Department, and A Junior Program!

    Thanks! (If you wish to email instead of post!)

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    I'm a junior at a small volunteer department in North Texas. I would say use youtube to find some training videos. My Captain found some great videos by a guy named Trey Nelms. He shows how to vent a roof, tips on setting up supply lines, etc. There username is inst5productions. If you're looking for scholarships for Juniors, you can use the National Volunteer Fire Council, they offer scholarships for Junior Fire Fighters/Explorers that obtain alot of hours. Your department has to register with that site then the juniors can create a profile to keep up with hours. I don't know where to find the rules/guidlines you asked about though. Hope that helps!

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    hey, you may have better luck if you're going to be part of BSA if you search for explorer post or venturing crew. those are the 2 types of junior programs through BSA. My dept is in TN and we use VFIS for insurance. For training I'm going through the Basic Firefighting Handbook with them. If you need anything else just send me an email.

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