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    Default Best Buy & Walmart

    I remember seeing something about best buy donating equipment after 30 days or something. For the life of me I cannot find this thread using the search function, nor with that googglee thingy... Anyone care to elaborate.?

    As for Wal-Mart, what is the maximum for the community grants? These are the corporate level grants. I know the maximum for store grants is 5000.

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    Don't know about Best Buy, but at our local Wal Mart, we usually get a couple of grants each year. I don't always ask for cash, we have gotten a couple of flat screen tv's, gps units, and a few other tings along that line. They were giving us 2,500 in the spring and in the fall. We also do shop with a ff, and the manager has donated 1k himself a couple of times. Of course we do the shopping at their store. But they have been excellent neighbors to us, and to many of the vol. depts around us.

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