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    Default May Day Training for Dispatchers

    Good afternoon all. Does your center provide dispatchers with training specifically for a firefighter declaring a May Day? If so what does that training include? Do you have a specific policy/procedure for such events?

    I am looking for sample SOG's/SOP's/ Policies/Procedures. If you have such please post here or e-mail then to me at pnorwood@easthavenfire.com

    Stay Safe.


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    This isn't quite exactly what you're looking for, but may give you some ideas. This is a training presentation from Illinois MABAS for dispatchers concerning RIT teams. Slides 22-24 have some basic things for dispatchers to do in a RIT/Mayday situation.



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    Andy, Correct that was not really what I am looking for but it was good to see, thank you for taking the ime to share. I am writing an communications specific article for the Communications Center's Response to a May Day. I have trained dispatchers throughout the country in Advanced Fire Service Dispatch. I am aware of centers that train their dispatchers how to appropriately handle a May Day, as there is allot they should do if a May Day is transmitted. I am looking to compare what I have VS what centers out there actually do and are trained in. Again thank you for taking the time to provide the info you have. Is the May Day audio from your PPT available? I would like to listen to it if possible.

    Stay Safe Brother and Thank you


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