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Thread: advice needed

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    Cool advice needed

    My boyfriends has been a cadet for a year and has decided to become a career firefighter, and we've decided to stay together. He wants to also get a paramedic degree.

    My question is, how can I best support him in his career and what should I expect?

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    Support him by understanding that during the academy and his first year, he will have little time for anything except studying. He will probably be worked like a dog, but it will be satisfying in the end. He'll be exhausted when he finally gets home after a shift. Understand that he'll be gone for a day at a time, but remember that he'll also have a couple days off in a row.

    He's also becoming part of a new family. You'll also become part of that family. He'll probably form a bond with the guys (and gals) at work that you guys won't have at home, but it will be different. Don't be jealous of this bond. You'll also find a new family with the other firefighters and families.

    When he goes to medic school it will be another 12-18 months of lots of hours of studying. If he needs to use you as a patient, help him out and let him practice. Ask him questions and take interest in his new career.

    Enjoy it and be proud.

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    Just keep doing what you've been doing. Be supportive and understanding because it will be a stressful time but if your supportive it will only bring you closer.
    He will have a strong bond with his FD family but your bond shouldnt suffer. He's not going to forget you. You will become friends with the other girlfriends, wives and firefighters too. Its a great family to be a part of

    Good luck to you.
    My husband and I were dating when he went through fire academy and emt and it was tough but we made it and it was worth it.
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    Support him heart fully, understand him properly, help him strictly.Make the life joyful...

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