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    Default Defaulting on SAFER hiring grant?

    I got a call from one of my former vollies today about a situation he's in, as a result I'm curious. This guy was hired to a department about a year ago for a position obtained from a SAFER award.

    Apparently he was informed recently that the department is looking at lay-offs, and the guys they're starting with are the SAFER guys.

    So, this makes me curious what the reprecussions of doing so are.

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    If I understand it correctly, they would be in default of the grant and would have to pay back any funds that they received. This would also eliminate their chances of getting future awards for any of the grants as they do ask you if you have ever defaulted on any grant before.

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    rands has it right on, they have to pay back the federal funds received. If they do the slate is wiped clean and they are eligible for future awards. If not then no more money from any source. Prior SAFER programs had no hardship appeals like we have in 2009 so they either stick with it or pay it back.

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