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Thread: Turn-outs

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    Default Turn-outs

    Is 2007 edition the most resent edition that turn-outs have to meet? Also does anyone have a website that compares the differant fabrics of turn outs outer shells. One that have the temperature ratings ect?
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    I saw a study (story) that Firehouse did some time back, but I don't know of anything that you are looking for.

    But here is a suggestion.

    I have been using Advance for many years with very good results. The outer fabric is a good choice for departments that do not or cannot change their PPE on a regular basis. Compared to PBI and PBX, that costs somewhat more, Advance works very well. The PBI and PBX might give you an extra measure of protection during a flash or direct flame, but how close do you really want your guys? When it counts, Advance will serve your guys well if they use it right and don't put themselves on the devil's doorstep.

    You can spend the money and buy the best stuff out there, but even that can be destroyed in a heart beat.

    There are still many department that use NOMEX III (C). Why else would it still be offered? So you just need to see what you can afford and go with it. You can upgrade the moisture and thermal layers if you feel you want more protection.

    Consult some of the vendors around and have them supply you with their own companies comparison charts on the outer shells. They did their own tests and know what they have.

    A bit about temperatures. That isn't going to be the main factor my friend. The gear might withstand 1200 degrees for 3 seconds, but if the firefighter isn't wearing it right, then it won't matter. Having said that... if you spend more time on training them not not be in 1200 degrees, then it should not ever be an issue. We can't plan for every contengency, but we do have to plan for the unexpected. Guys still get burned in flashovers. Some guys just get burned because things can happen that we missed. But if a guy is down, and over-run, no gear will save him... I don't care how much money you spent on it. That just gives your guys a false sense of safety which cause many to go beyond their measure of safety. I want guys to trust their skills and equipment, but I want them to put alot more trust in their brains.

    Anything you buy that is new, will be compliant with the latest 2007 Standard.

    Good Luck.
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    Also some thing to consider is resistance to UV rays -- unfortunatley a lot of volley gear gets exposed to sunlight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by volfireman034 View Post
    Is 2007 edition the most resent edition that turn-outs have to meet? Also does anyone have a website that compares the differant fabrics of turn outs outer shells. One that have the temperature ratings ect?
    Globe used to have a decent chart in their brochures with the different shell/liner/VB combinations and the corresponding TPP/THL values. The best thing I have heard on "rating" gear is that "they" figure that dividing the TPP by 2 (in half) will be the approximate time you ave to escape a flashover before hte gear fails to protect you.

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