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    Are wonderful new Boss has implemented a shift rotation to rotate guys through our three different shift captains. They were not given a choice where to go just moved. Looking how other departments are handling shift rotations, by seniority, contractual or others.

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    Our department has gone to a seniority based system. Starting 2011 we will be able to pick shifts and assignments based on seniority. How this will be done there will be a dry erease board with 3 crews and then listed below that will be stations and then equipment. The most senior person then places their name in that spot. The only catch is if one shift comes up short of acting engineers or officers then the district can over ride the list. The only complaint is that it is based on seniority and the senior people may be picking shifts house trucks without knowing their officer. We might have the officers assigned prior to picks. This was put into our M.O.U. under seniority.

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    We also just went to a seniority based system. Essentially, everybody was "frozen" where they are at now (nobody really wanted to move anyway) and future vacancies will be filled via seniority based bidding.

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    We have not rotated in a few years. However, the last time they moved us, it was to try and even out the shifts. We have the same number of rope and swat guys on each shift. The goal was to make sure that the seniority was close to being equal for future retirements and replacements. This way, theoretically, we should not have to move at all. The new guys rotate between stations and sometimes shifts. Once they find a home, they tend to stay there.
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    FireMedic, can you PM me how that works? Trying to get that started at my gig as well.

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    Our system is based on seniority bidding. You are assigned a platoon at the end of your recruit academy and will tramp for the first 2 years. Then you are eligible to bid any open positions on any shift.
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    We rotate officers every three years. So as a FF you might stay in the same spot/platoon for as long as you want, and often longer than you want - our transfer system is another story. But every three years you'll get a new officer. Idea is to keep there from being too much fraternization between officers/FFs.
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