Arson has always been one of the most difficult crimes to prove. The conviction in Southern California this past year of Raymond Oyler, however, has given prosecutors a new tool to combat the crime, which accounts for about 10% of all structure and wildland fires. Oyler, who was convicted and sentenced to death in March 2009, for the arson-murder of five firefighters in the Esperanza Fire, is the first arsonist ever to be convicted of murder for setting a wildland fire.

John Maclean, award-winning author of three previous books on wildfire disasters, is currently working on his fourth book which is about the Esperanza Fire and the trial of the arsonist Raymond Oyler. Maclean first visited the site of the Esperanza Fire in 2007, the spring after it occurred, and he has returned many times since. He covered the lengthy Oyler trial in Riverside and has done follow-up research and interviews about the trial.

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