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    Default Cert. as Arson Invest.

    I have Taken an Arson investigation course but I need help on how to get cert. as an investagator. Is there an national Cert. or like so many things is it state only.

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    national, but kind of private::::


    this one a little harder to get::


    some states require state certification

    what state are you in???

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    I'm sure George will chime in with a lot more information, but I'll share the little I know until then.

    You can get your IFSAC certification for a 40-hour fire cause and investigation course. I assume ProBoard has an equivalent. Most of the time this is through a state-level certifying agency (in many it's the Division of Fire Safety/Fire Marshal's office, whatever they call it).

    There are national-level certifications, such as IAAI's CFI (Certified Fire Investigator). This is through an organization that establishes a standard you must meet.

    Then you have "certifications" like what our state's main training entity does, that's just a piece of paper showing that you've attended a course. The one that comes to mind is the 8-hour (I think it's 8, may be 16 or something) "Fire Cause and Origin Determination.

    From my experience, the IFSAC/ProBoard certification is the starting point. Most fire marshal/investigator positions in our state require this as a minimum, including insurance investigators. The IAAI (not familir with NAFI's) holds you to a higher standard and requires a lot more education, experience, etc.

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