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    Default Dems can pass health care with 51 votes

    Please, please, please do this.


    The arrogance of these libs is simply astounding. Two things pop into my head.

    1. If they really thought Coakley was going to win, they wouldn't be doing this.

    2. How in the world is a plan that will take affect in 2014 considered "immediate relief?

    The best part is the sweetheart deal with the labor unions. If this plan were so great, why do they have to continue to go out and pick up prostitutes? I am a life member of a union (NJ PBA). But to give out special deals to special interests is wrong.

    The dems are simply hammering nails into their own coffin.

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    Most assuredly Barack Hussein Obama is either holding the nails or swinging the hammer by going to Massachussets at this time.
    Remember when aid to New Orleans was taking as long as it has taken for relief to reach Haiti,and George Bush was roundly criticized for saying "Browne,you're doing a heckuva job" instead of making sure relief efforts went speedily and efficiently?
    I am thinking that this weekend,the Presidential teleprompter will have the words to the effect of "Cloakley,you're doing a heckuva job for us here in Massachussets and we want you to keep at it..."

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