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    Exclamation SAFER: Firing to Rehire?

    I'm with a combination department that is very close to a mid-size city. Many years ago, our township formed this combination department so it wouldn't have to pay the nearby city for fire protection. Last year, due to budget shortfalls, the city fired 32 full-time paid firefighters. Our combination department found out 3 hours before the SAFER application deadline that our trustee and the mayor had come to an agreement whereby our combination department would be dismantled if the city received the SAFER grant to rehire 25 of the fired firefighters, and the township would resume paying for fire protection.

    Now, the question everyone on the department is asking is, can the SAFER grant be awarded to a department that is going to use the grant funds to eliminate a nearby department? The city would be rehiring 25 firefighters that they just fired and telling the ten paid firefighters and 35 volunteers on our combination department to hit the road. They would probably take our equipment and close our two stations. Our combination department was never informed of these negotiations and we only found out about the deal in the newspaper yesterday.

    Does my combination department have any recourse here?

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    SAFER grants were designed for hiring of firefighters, not re-hiring.
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    This is obviously a local municipal issue. The blunt answer is "no," you have no control over whatever happens with the SAFER grant, because the grant program has no bearing on response territory.

    That said, a SAFER grant funding 25 full time positions for one department is extremely unlikely.

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