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    Default Bluegrass Airport

    Anyone have any information about or know anything about the BG Airport public safety department. Heard they are hiring public safety officers. trying to find out about the agency. they dont have a whole lot of information on their website.
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    The entire crew is cross-trained police and fire and they rotate through both. From what I understand, it works well. When Comair 191 crashed, the airport police units were the first ones to the scene since they were out and about already. Those guys made unbelievable and incredibly ballsy rescue of the first officer without any PPE. And in the absence of an ambulance, put him in the back of their SUV and drove him to the hospital while providing lifesaving medical care in the back seat. A comical note, upon arriving at the hospital, apparently they had recently redone the exterior landscaping and driveway of the ER which the officers did not know about. So the ER driveway was not where it used to be. Not having time to go around the block, the officer simply put it in four wheel drive and drove through a series of bushes and shrubs popping out at the ambulance bay.

    So far as I know, its a good place.
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