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    Default Openings in Ut.

    I am wondering about openings for fire depts. in UT. A lot of Depts. I end up being referred to HR usually. With Utah not being National Registry most HR's dont know much and do not have much information. Logan called me after I sent my aplication and told me I could not test because my EMT was not Utah. Unified is always a different answer. Provo and Orem tells me either I need my paramedic or that I need Utah certification. Just wondering if anyone knows of any tests coming up or some information to help me out?

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    Wink Touch Times in Utah

    Utah has reciprocity meaning that in many cases you can tranfer your certicications from your current State to Utah but you need to contact the State Fire Academy to se if yours will convert. In addition I think there is a link on the UFRA web site to BEMS and you can make contact there to convert your EMT to Utah

    The addrss is

    I came to Utah from out os State and did the same thing you are trying to do.

    I am in Orem and yes it is true that in order to be looked at for Orem you need to have at a minimum Paramedic and FF'r I certs.

    Right now times are tough in Orem as we recently lost 5 positions in the Emergncy Services Division and are potencially going to lose as many as 6 more in a few months due to the times we are in.

    the only jobs I have heard from rcently in Utah are Washingtom Terrace. but may have now closed but check it out.

    If you are serious about getting a job then you need to subscribe to a Fire Dept type career employment site like

    Good Luck

    Front line since 1983 and still going strong

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