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    Default Need some advice.

    I've been reading this forum for advice for about a month now and recieved alot of help from previous threads which I am thankful for. I am currently taking Paramedic class which is coming to an end pretty soon in the next three months. Many things have gotten me worried about applying to departments. First thing is my credit history. About 4 years back I've gotten myself into some financial trouble and I've started to fix alot of stuff but still have two things on my credit that I haven't been able to fix. Is this going to be a major problem?
    It seems like it takes majority of people some time to get hired on at a department and was wondering if I go ahead and just go through a fire academy to get more experience even though I may go through another fire academy or as to just work at a private ambulance company. Also, it seems like everyone I speak to wants to become a firefighter so Im not sure which route seems better to make myself stand out better.
    Last but not least is it okay for me to use my race as being asian to my benefit?
    Thanks in advance for all the help

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    It depends on the area you're planning on working. Most places inquire about credit and depending on the dept, they may consider your marks a serious incident. The best thing you can do at this point (for any path in your life) is to get those cleared up immediately and show a good history from this point forward.

    The Fire Academy, depending on the area, may or may not help you. Some depts will accept it and put you more or less straight to work. Others will require you to go through their academy. Check into the depts at which you plan on applying. If it's not going to help, save the expense.

    I'm not sure how you could use your race to your benefit. Affirmative action is pretty much on the out. The only way it might help you would be more a skill set, if you speak a certain dialect that is prevalent in your area. If you belong to any professional organizations, by all means use any networking you can.

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