Our department has a tradition of writing hilarious quotes from work on the underside of our firehouses' kitchen tables. Some of the quotes are so damning that recently a Batt Chief ordered the underside of the table at Central Station painted over. Anyways; some of the best we have written.

FF (identity withheld) stated to a dementia patient who's roommate died during CPR in their room; "Wocka-wocka!"

FF (identity withheld) said about his new born daughter; "I hope she is a lesbian till she gets done with college, then she can ride all the **** she wants after she graduates."

FF Lyman asked a 72 year old lady in the nursing home if her leg pain was caused by "a jellyfish sting."

Lt. (identity withheld) and FF (identity withheld) talking about dipping Copenhagen; "No man, I can't swallow it." "No, once you get the first swallow down, you know the part that tastes bad, the rest goes down easy."

I'll go around and check the tables at other stations, and post more.

Anything good written under your tables?