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    Default Savannah, Georgia Testing 2010

    The City of Savannah will be taking applications for continous hiring for 2010.


    Testing dates will be Febuary 27 & May 1 of 2010

    More information can be found on the page listed above.

    For more info on the department itself go to www.iaff574.org

    Feel free to ask any questions and we will try to help.

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    Default Questions...

    I applied, and just had some questions hopefully someone can answer.

    - On the website it says that there is a possible academy starting summer 2010... does anyone have any idea what the plans are?

    - I didn't find a lot of information on the website about the fire department and it's involvement with EMS. Do they run ambulances or are they just first responders?

    - There are 2 test dates, what determines which test date people will be asked to attend (if they are asked at all)?

    Any information would would very much appreciated!

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    We've heard about possibilities of a class this year, possbly due to annexations but not really sure yet

    As far as EMS, we do no EMS at all. We do carry 1st responder equipment but that is if we happen upon something or for our own personnel. There are also currently no plans to start running EMS. Savannah Fire is one of the last true fire departments in the nation.

    Guessing you get assigned a date by how early you sign up, but not sure. Will do some checking for you on this.
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