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    Exclamation WSI and unemployment fraud

    If you applied for unemployment for WSI and found that they didn't report all of your income, lumped all of your income into one or two months, or lied about why you were terminated, laid off, or weren't re-contracted, PM me immediately.

    It looks like the Government and 7-8 states are going to open an investigation into unemployment fraud against WSI.

    A lawsuit will follow the investigation, and all those involved will be able to participate in the lawsuit. This time however it won't be with an arbitrator, but in a court of law because state and federal laws were violated.

    It doesn't matter if you were denied benefits or not, we still need to know.


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    Default . . .We didn't lie,

    Remember that ol' WSI/WSLLC quote?:

    "We didn't lie to you, the truth just changed!!!"


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