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    Default A funny thing happened....

    I've noticed that in the MSM as well as other outlets the democrats have sort of dropped the health care issue and are suddenly turning towards the economy and jobs. Now what a novel concept, get the uninsured to work and they can buy their own health care.

    Seems the election of Mr. Brown is already having a positive effect.

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    After so blatantly taking sides in a national election,now the media has to realize that there are other ways that actually work to help people get health insurance,keep their houses and put food on the table that don't involve a government handout every month.
    So many people have to wait to get health insurance because companies want to see if the new hire is going to stay around long enough to be worth anything before they start shelling out for health care.Some people DO start making minor claims on health insurance just as soon as they get it which drains resources away from when an employee is in serious need of medical care like an OTJ injury not their fault.

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