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    Default Florida Out-of-State FF exam - practical

    I'm a career ff outside of florida, getting ready to take the Minimum Standards Equivalency Exam next month to get florida state certifications. I'm just curious if someone can tell me more about the practical portion of the exam? How it's conducted? Do the evaluators stick strictly to the Performance Objective Manual? Etc.


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    When I took it several years ago, our group had to take the written exam in the morning, then the practical in the afternoon. Everything was conducted by the book and without exception! They are strict, and you have to pay attention to whatever they instruct you to do. For example, if you advance the hose off the rear of the engine on the driver's side, then advance it down the driver's side. I know it sounds silly, but it is easy to be on autopilot based on your own experiences. Verbalize whatever needs to be verbalized. I hope this helps! Good Luck!
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    OMG i couldn't think of taking that test without vast amounts of training by instructors who know the test. I would almost call it asinine what they want you to do and SAY correctly.

    My guy gave me a scenario ... woman needs to be rescued from her house and house is locked. You cannot say "on air" if its just a rescue and have to say "on air" plus other things if its a hazardous environment.

    I was like why she need to be rescued ?? they cant answer that question (or not suppose to i guess) finally after yelling at me (swear to god he yelled at me) told me "NO IT ISN'T A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT."

    Said my diddy without saying "on air" .. broke the window with a tool to gain entry. Or rather whacked a cement wall with a red square painted on it.

    My first save ... LOL.

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