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    Default Age cut off for the CFD

    I am currently awaiting the call for the CFD. I took the test in 2006 but recieved a lotterly # in the 8,000s. Obviously I will be waiting a while. Is there an age cut off to be hired? I will be turning 35 in a few months and am wondering if I am even able to be hired past the age of 35?? It's been so long since I took the exam that I can't quite remember. Thanks in advance

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    The cutoff age is 38. They're not going by those numbers either. They're going by the last number in your social. They started calling people early 2009 with the last number of 9 in their social and are currently working on calling people with zero's. I'm assuming the next number will be 1. That should give you an idea of how long you'll be waiting.

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    they ARE going by the random numbers that were assigned. they started processing people off that list in december of 2007, first class off that list went into the academy in feb of 2008. check the thread in the hiring section.

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